How To Make The Most of Show Season: 2019 Home Décor Trends To Watch For


Trendspotting is a daunting enterprise. When visiting home décor trade shows and showrooms it all becomes a bit of a blur of conflicting and often contradictory design directions. Do you go for rural farmhouse or urban sophistication? Hard-edge geometrics or colorful floral patterns? Natural elements or high-tech materials?

Thankfully, after giving our overstimulated minds and eyeballs a rest after a busy market season, we were able to identify a few overarching trends and concepts that are shaping many of the offerings in tabletop and home décor in 2019. Here's what you can expect.

Make it multi-functional

There is an emerging philosophy that design shouldn’t just look pretty, it should also offer a solution to a problem. One problem that seems to plague many of today’s consumers is space, and how to make the most of what they have.

Beatriz Ball notes:

“Today’s customer wants pieces that have double function, that are practical and easy care as well as stylish, that can be used as decorative items and to serve with when needed. Ones that can be used in both casual as well as formal moments.”

Enter multi-functional designs such as the pieces in Beatriz Ball’s VIDA collection, multi-use objects in “luxury melamine” that offer a multitude of uses without sacrificing beauty in design. Beatriz notes that:

"I always design products with decorative as well as practical uses in mind. Our customers love a tray that they can place on a coffee table and then use for serving when needed.”

These are items designed and manufactured for everyday use and double as items of eye-catching home décor when not called to duty for serving. Based on iconic Beatriz Ball designs, our melamine items are extremely popular. As opposed to melamine in the past, they're being used year ‘round for indoor as well as outdoor entertaining.


Design for a better tomorrow

In 2019, there is a growing realization that sustainability is not just a fleeting trend or topical buzzword, it is the way of the future.

New consumers no longer seek a purist view of sustainability; instead, they seek sustainability as a core design principle. They want goods that can be luxurious as well as sustainable and expect companies to have a purpose beyond selling their products.

Further, today's consumers want to be assured that products come from a specific culture, that artisans are paid a living wage, and that production methods and materials do not harm the environment. These are all elements of a sustainable and ethical approach to manufacturing in 2019. Of this point, Beatriz Ball notes that:

“Humanity cannot exist without companies encouraging and practicing the conservation of resources, and that practice penetrates at a deeper level to employees, their families and beyond. Sustainability has been a crucial element in our company philosophy from the beginning. We proudly utilize sustainable and recycled materials in the making of our handmade products. Furthermore, we source and manage our materials and dispose of our waste products through eco-responsible methods.

How will you make the most of show season?

Beyond the two core trends of sustainability and multi-functionality that will permeate many of this season's show items, look also for pieces that embrace a love of casual entertaining and authentic artisan-made products.

Beatriz Ball delivers on all these key points. The items in our SOHO Brooklyn line speak eloquently to many trends in 2019. Handmade of sustainable and recycled materials, the simple and adaptable metal designs fit in anywhere and shimmer under the stars.



This 2019 show season, give your overstimulated brain a rest. This season's consumers have the same daily demands on their attention and are seeking a return to ease and functionality with multi-functional and sustainably designed pieces that are simply beautiful.